Terrible Practices That Can Result to Hair Loss

Terrible Practices That Can Result to Hair Loss

Hair loss to some happens naturally due to aging. This can be very problematic especially with women as they take pride and value more greatly than man. Hair loss even though is considered to be a natural process there are a number of factors that can contribute in speeding its development.  Let us look at some of the terrible practices that you want to avoid to protect your hair.

Habits to avoid

As mentioned earlier, losing a few strands of hair every now and then is considered to be normal. Losing them too often however, can be a huge problem and some of these can be attributed to your everyday practices. For instance, people who have a habit to use hair products are more likely to loss hair than those who do not. The reason behind this is that many hair products such as the sprays contain ingredients and other related elements that can cause a number of problems. Its impact may not be felt right away but the repercussions can lead to permanent hair loss. Another factor people think lightly of or for granted is stress. Stress also contributes to hair fall especially on a worrying scale.

Heat is something that can also cause serious damage to our hair. It should be noted that there are a number of practices in which we expose our hair to heat. One of them is through hot showers. This type of shower is not only bad for your skin but your hair and scalp also takes a hit as they become dry which can lead to their natural oils to get washed out. The same can also be said with regards to blow drying your hair as this method also makes use of heat in the form of hot air to style your hair.

A common mistake many attest on doing is brushing their hair when it is still wet after shower as this can also develop into hair loss. People are who style their hair roughly such as having tight ponytails are also susceptible to hair loss especially if they do this practice on a regular day to day basis.

Hair loss treatment

If you have been doing some of the practices mentioned in this article, you may want to avoid doing them right away to halt hair loss. There are also a number of ways on how you can promote hair growth and halt its progress. You can find several hair loss treatment and drugs that are available that can slow hair loss. Among the list of popular hair loss treatment includes Minoxidil, an over the counter medicine that is applied directly on the scalp to grow hair and to prevent further hair loss. There is also Finasteride, a prescription drug that is only available to men.

Hair loss treatment and its effect is often a case by case basis. For that matter, it is advised that you get in touch with your doctors to find the best treatment solution for your hair.

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