Hair Loss Woes and How to Detect Them

Hair loss is considered to be a natural phenomenon that happens to countless number of individuals all over the world. In fact, the average person loses between 60 to 100 strands a day and in some cases even reach 150 which is considered to be perfectly normal. Hair grows at a steady rate making way for a healthy strand. The problem however, occurs when we exceed more than the average strands losing them in a regular day to day basis. During such cases, you may be at risk of suffering from intense hair loss. Let us look at the impact of hair loss and how to counter their effects.

How Hair Loss Affects You

Hair is an integral part of our body that can add extra flair on how we look. They way we take care of our hair also contributes greatly on how we are viewed by others and this is the reason why a huge number of individuals find it important to take good care of them regularly. Hair loss especially when their effects become evident can greatly affect a person’s confidence. You don’t want others to know that you are losing your hair and this is why plenty of people choose to hide them through various reasons. Masking your hair loss however, is not a long term solution as you will need to find ways on how to stop them on their tracks.

Early Detection is Key

Hair loss is something that needs to be treated in a timely and effective manner before their effects become worse. For that matter, you will need to check the early signs of the problem with regards to your hair. You can do simple test that can be don’t at home to help you determine if you are suffering from hair loss.

One is the pull test in which you run your fingers through your hair while pulling them a bit. Seeing five to eight hair strands in your hand is considered to be a fairly normal occurrence. You might be losing more hair than normal however, if you see 15 to 20 hair strands after doing so.

Another alternative is to do a comb test which involves a minute of combing your hair from the back of the top of your head forward to the front of the scalp for one minute. Make sure to do this before shampooing to get the best results.

Results from these simple hair loss tests may be alarming however, people are advised to not go directly to the nearest store to buy remedies for hair loss. What you can do instead is to consult the result that you have gathered to your doctors in order to receive a proper diagnosis. Doing so will help you get the right type of treatment while at the same time, greatly decreases the risk and complications of your hair treatment. Last but definitely not the least is that your treatment will also be maximized saving you a fair amount of time and resources as a result.


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